About me

I care about people, politics and the natural world and my work reflects that. My starting point is usually that I’ve got angry or interested in an issue and then I explore it by using a mixture of print, stitch and 3D work, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.

I love working with people, either as a facilitator to support them producing their own work or in collaboration where we make things together.

Recently, I’ve been involved in Alice Kettle’s project Thread Bearing Witness, being part of the team putting the Stitch a Tree project together for an exhibition in the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

You can see examples of my work here and learn more about my experience in working with groups and managing projects here. I am very open to projects, collaborations and commissions, so please do get in touch here.

I also work on forest and environment issues, usually with communities. You can find out more about that here.